Flagstaff Arizona Festival of Science


Flagstaff Festival of Science

The Flagstaff Festival of Science features some of the most amazing questions and answered asked by scientists in history. Intriguing displays, digs, hikes, exhibitions and presentations make this a must see for anyone interested in the simple questions about ourselves, our planet and the world around us. Read More

  • The festival takes place at The University of Northern Arizona
  • Events are held in late September
  • Admission for the event is Free

Overview: Does it fly? Why? How? What made it? How? Imagination is the main fuel of this intriguing festival. Science is just an exhibit or more away, but this festival has something to satisfy the most discerning mind.

Where:  The University of Northern Arizona

When: September 22nd to October 1st, 2017.

Cost: Admission for the event is Free

Details: Northern Arizona University hosts the annual Festival of Science in Flagstaff. Within just seven months, the festival enlightens everyone into the many questions that have plagued researchers and scientists for centuries. A varied itineray of exciting events enable everyone, young and old, to learn more about the world that we have come to take for granted.

Whether a member of the university or not, everyone is invited to join in intriguing archaeological digs, hiking tours, interactive exhibits and presentations. In fact, there are over sixty activities related to one particular aspect of science. Each year has a different theme.

Though the local community and businesses support the festival, the best part is that entrance admission is free. However, there are donation places throughout the area, just in case.

Find more details on the Flagstaff Festival of Science website.

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