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Movies on the Square

Fancy a free movie or two and a great place to enjoy the outdoors? Movies on the Square is just the place, and is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Flagstaff, offering a fun Friday night activity for one and all. A great idea for family entertainment when visiting Arizona's city of Flagstaff. Read More

  • Movies on the Square is located in Heritage Square, not far from hotels, businesses and fine restaurants.
  • Every Saturday evening May to September - Movies change weekly
  • Free for families!

Overview: Most families in Flagstaff, as well as those visiting the city and Arizona, are always looking for the cheapest night out for entertainment, or even a place to enjoy the great outdoors. Interestingly enough, the city is known for its family orientated environment, providing free movies every Friday, right in the downtown core.

Where: Movies on the Square is located in Heritage Square, not far from hotels, businesses and fine restaurants.

When: Saturdays from May 27th to September 2nd, 2017. The movie typically starts between 7:30-8pm but arrive as early as 4pm for more activities.

Cost: Free for families!

Details:  Every Friday evening, it entertains many hundreds of families and children with an array of fun and age appropriate movies from May to September. The theater is in fact open-air, making it a cross between the old drive-in theme and a modern cinema. This outdoors aspect is welcomed by a lot of parents who know full well that evening air is sure to help the kids sleep when they get home.

The Square's movies include such exciting things as local mainstream kids' movies, including the latest box office releases. Movies change at least every week, so there is always something new to see. In fact, the theater is surrounded by other square attractions that give families a chance to create an entire daytime itinery that can only keep those little faces smiling.

See the full schedule on their website.

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