Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff AZ


Museum of North Arizona

The Museum of Northern Arizona, located in Flagstaff Arizona,  hosts a series of heritage programs that are designed to stir a feeling of affection and accountability for the Colorado Plateau's exquisiteness. It encourages collections, studies, interpretations, and preservations, even by locals, and the sharing of these with tourist from across the planet. Read More

  • Annual festivals  also celebrate the Hopi, Navajo, Zuni, and Hispanic heritage of the area and Four Corners region.
  • Festival dates vary. Check out the calendar for upcoming events
  • History and fun - all in one!

Overview: Through varied local studies, research, collections, preservations and interpretations, Flagstaff's Museum of Northern Arizona has established programs to deal with the area's heritage. This heritage includes not only history, but cultural and even natural accounts of the Colorado Plateau. Visitors are rewarded with warmth and the need to be held responsible for the region, as well as enjoy the history that it so loves to share.

Where:  Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff AZ

When: The Museum is open daily from 10am to 5pm. Programs vary throughout the year. Most cultural festivals and events take place May to September

Cost: Event admissions vary. Museum admission is $12 for adults.

Details: The original programs began in 1928, focusing on research, collections, education, conservation and a sense of place. The museum hopes to develop/diffuse appreciation and knowledge and collect/preserve both scientific/artistic artifacts, as well as protecting prehistoric/historic sites, artwork, scenic locations, local plant life and wildlife. It also aimed to continue the maintenance of the museum by providing Flagstaff with research facilities, as well presenting an enjoying environment for all.

The museum covers some two hundred acres of campus and forest land, drawing attention from all age groups, both from within and outside the institution. It contains over 5 million native treasures, pieces of fine art and naturally occurring scientific specimens, spread between fifty two buildings.

Festivals, arts academy courses, a charter school, elderly appreciation, field trip, discovery, historical retreat and field programs are among its selections.These also include varied tours for the general public and schools. Annual festivals  also celebrate the Hopi, Navajo, Zuni, and Hispanic heritage of the area and Four Corners region.

Find more details on the Museum of North America website.

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