Flagstaff Arizona New Years Eve Pinecone Drop


New Year's Eve Pinecone Drop

Flagstaff, Arizona is home to what may be the world's only New Year's Eve Pinecone Drop festival. Locals and tourists alike flood into the city by the thousands to partake in this annual event, as well as learn the curious history that started this unusual tradition in the first place. Read More

  • Happy crowds gather early in the city's Heritage Square.
  • The evening on December 31 each year
  • The world's only Pinecone Drop!

Overview: Many countries and regions have their assortment of odd festivals, but very few can compare to the delight thousands find every New Year's Eve in Flagstaff Arizona. Believe it or not, every year as the clocks strike midnight, revelers band together for the Pinecone Drop. However, this is no ordinary pinecone, and none so big are seen anywhere else.

Where: Happy crowds gather early in the city's Heritage Square.

When:  The evening on December 31

Cost: FREE for all!

Details: Adults and children alike carry as much as they can to honor their prized pinecone, a massive, seventy pound, six foot high and brightly lit metal cone. As midnight draws near, the pinecone is dropped slowly, hailing in the next year to the sound of champagne corks, noisemakers and loud horns.

The history of the pinecone drop begins in 1999, when the Weatherford Hotel was attempting an advertising campaign to attract more tourists. However, back then the original pinecone was nothing more than a well-decorated garbage can and a great deal of glue.

The idea was the brainchild of Sam and Henry Green, a husband and wife management team. They had wanted something that compared to the worldwide event in New York, and finally homed in on the area's greatest treasure, the pinecone, because it happens to be the world's largest pine forest.

Since its first drop, whole families crowd the square with children in tow, armed with garden chairs or anything they can comfortably sit on. In fact, the pinecone has become so popular that it is paraded through the city streets in the parade of light, an annual Christmas tradition. However, in recent years the pinecone has been dropped twice every evening, first to take into account families and second for the real 'McCoy'.

Find more details or watch the pinecone drop on the Wetherford Hotel Webcam here.

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