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Wupatki Monument

Do ancient pueblos strike your fancy? Do you want to see one of the most underrated sites that the Southwest has to offer? If you answered yes to either of these questions then hop in the car and head to Wupatki National Monument.

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  • Make your trip to Wupatki National Monument special by participating in one of the Interpretative Programs offered to visitors. 
  • Be sure to explore both the ancient Pueblo and the Blowhole. 
  • Stop by the Visitor’s center for amenities like restrooms. 
  • Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic in-between site seeing.

What can I see and do at Wupatki National Monument?

There is more to do here than just see an old collection of “bricks” that used to be someone’s home. There are hiking and education programs. 

Interpretative Programs: There are two programs offered: 

  • Discovery hikes: These are guided hikes that take place on Saturdays from Spring until Fall. The hike will take you to all of the historical and culturally rich locations in the monument. The hikes are typically 2 to 3 miles long. 
  • Crack-in-a-Rock: If you would like to spend more than a day at the monument you can register for an overnight backpacking trip through the monument with a Forest Ranger. It is a 16 mile hike and is $50 per person. There are no reservations; participants are chosen through a lottery system. This program is offered from April to October and only on special weekends, call ahead for details. 

Wupatki Pueblo: The Pueblo is nearly 800 years old and open for your viewing. 

Wupatki Blowholes: These are pockets in the Earth that either suck air in or blow it out to the surface. Witnessing this phenomenon is a great way to see one of the Earth’s many mysteries. 

Hiking: Pick up the Wupatki Pueblo Trail Guide. This half mile trail takes you through the monument so that you can see the ancient Pueblo and the blowhole. The trail starts at the Visitor’s Center and takes roughly 45 minutes.

Where is Wupatki National Monument?

A 45 mile drive North of Flagstaff along US-89 North, Wupatki Monument is located off of Loop Road.

When is Wupatki National Monument open?

Visitor’s Center: Open year round (except Christmas) from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00p.m. 

Scenic Drives/Trails/Pueblos: Open year round from dawn to dusk.

How much does Wupatki National Monument cost?

  • $20 per vehicle (good for 7 days)

Who can I call if I have more questions?

If you have questions contact the Visitor’s Center at 928-679-2365.