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Summer Activities

So maybe visiting a ski resort in the summer when there is no snow doesn’t make sense, but it does once you find out everything there is to do during the summer. Just think of it as Arizona Snowbowl Summer edition. Read More

What sort of activities can I enjoy at Arizona Snowbowl during the summer?

It might seem odd at first, but rest assured you can have fun at a ski resort in the summer without snow.

Skyride: The skyride is an adventure that puts you up with the birds while gliding over the majestic mountain.

  • Adults: $19
  • Seniors (ages 65 –69): $13
  • Juniors (ages 8-12): $13
  • Kids 7 and under: Free 
  • Seniors 70 and over: Free

Hiking: There are numerous hiking trails in and around Snowbowl as the resort is surrounded by wilderness on three sides. You can hike to Humphrey’s Peak or hike in and around the Kachina Peak Wilderness reserve. Snowbowl asks that hikers follow the golden rule of no-trace hiking and camping: ‘Take only pictures, leave only footprints.’

Disc Golf: It’s like regular golf but instead of a ball and a nine iron you play with your hands and a Frisbee. The “golf” course is perfect for kids who get bored with regular, slow moving golf. It is open from Monday –Sunday during resort hours (10a.m. -4p.m.) and it’s free to play.

Ranger Program: While not as exciting as soaring over the mountain or playing a jarring round of disc golf, the Ranger Talks programs can be just as fun and are sure to be more educational if that’s your summer goal. During the event a Park Ranger talks about various wilderness areas and issues. The talks are every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10a.m. to 4p.m.

Peak Side Café: If all of these activities make your tummy rumble, then stop by the Peak Side Café located at the base of Snowbowl for some lunch, with an appetizing menu that doesn’t disappointment.

For more information about Arizona Snowbowl Summer Activities visit or contact the resort at (928) 779-1951 ext. 109 or