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Winter Activities

There’s nothing like flying down a white, cold mountain with the wind brushing your face as your heart starts to race. If this sounds like you’re cup of hot coco, then visit Arizona Snowbowl and enjoy a winter wonder land in Flagstaff. Read More

What sort of activities can I enjoy at Arizona Snowbowl during the winter?

When the snow is fresh and the air is crisp there is plenty to do in Flagstaff ski country that doesn’t involve skiing:

Snowboarding: If you’re a free-spirit then grab a board and surf on the snow. Lessons are available at Arizona Snowbowl.

Skiing: If you prefer classic winter time activities you can simply go skiing at Arizona Snowbowl. The resort offers Flagstaff Ski Packages that encompass a lift pass, rentals and/or lessons.

Wing Mountain: A nearby park of sorts where you can play, run and jump in the snow. Continue on Highway 180 and turn left at the parking sign by mile post 223. For current conditions at Wing Mountain call 928-226-0493.

Walker Lake: Close to Kendrick Park, this is a perfect location to experience the ice and winter conditions of Flagstaff while really being a part of nature. Continue on Highway 180 and turn left at mile post 235. Walker Lake is another great area for snow play.

*Snowplay is not permitted at the Arizona Snowbowl. This means no sledding.

For more information visit the Arizona Snowbowl Website or call 928-779-1951.