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Canyon De Chelly

One of the most photogenic places in the American Southwest, next to the Grand Canyon, is Canyon de Chelly National Monument?

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What can I see and do at Canyon de Chelly National Monument?

At this beautiful place in the Arizona desert you can hike through the canyons, take a tour of the canyon, take a scenic drive through the area, participate in a ranger-led program and go camping.

  • Hike: Looking to embark on a southwestern adventure on your own? You’re in luck. There is a public hiking trail just six miles from the visitor’s center. It will take you to White House Ruin Overlook and is about a 2 hour hike. No pets please.
  • Tour: If you want a deeper look into the canyon, than you can get a free permit and go with a guide either buy foot, horse or car for an inside view of Canyon de Chelly. While the permit is free, there are fees for the tours and guides. Prices vary by tour company. 
  • Scenic Drive: For a more laid back view take a scenic two hour drive to the North Rim of the canyon or a two hour drive around the South Rim of the canyon. If you have time on your hands than do both scenic drives for a well-rounded view Canyon de Chelly.
  • Ranger-led program: From Memorial Day until Labor Day there are ranger led programs like hiking which provide visitors with great views and great guides. 
  • Cottonwood campground: This campsite is open all year round and there is no fee associated with camping at this site. It has sinks, flushable toilets, picnic areas and grills.

Where is Canyon de Chelly National Monument?

Canyon de Chelly is located on the Arizona, New Mexico Border. It is about a three and half hour drive east of Flagstaff on the I-40 connecting with US 191 to get to Canyon de Chelly.

When is Canyon de Chelly National Monument open?

Canyon de Chelly is open all year from 8a.m. to 5p.m.

How much does Canyon de Chelly National Monument cost?

There are no fees with entering the national monument however there are fees associated with some activities there.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

You can the visitor’s center at 928-674-5500.