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Elden Pueblo Ruins

You don’t have to leave town to see ancient artifacts and ruins. You can pop on some sneakers and head out toward the mall and hike Mount Elden. Take Elden Pubelo Trail and you’ll see Native American pueblo ruins. Read More

What can I see at Elden Pueblo?

On Mount Elden, where Elden Pueblo trial is located, you can hike and explore the mountain along with visiting the ancient ruins of the Sinagua Native Americans.

Where is Elden Pueblo?

It is a hiking trail one mile north of the Flagstaff mall, just off of highway 89A.

When is Elden Pueblo open?

The trail is open year round, but covered in snow during the winter months.

How much does Elden Pueblo cost?

Free - there is no cost.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

If you have questions call the Elden Pueblo Program Manager at (928) 527-3452.