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The Flagstaff bus system is an effective and eco-friendly way to get around town—especially if you need to get from the West Side (Downtown area) to the East Side (where the mall is). Read More

Is there a public bus system that I should use to get around town?

Yes, there is a bus line in town for you to utilize.

Mountain Line
This bus shuttles people between the two sides of town, roughly 10 miles—making stops along the way. 

Bus Fares: 

  • Child: .60 (one way), $1.25 (day fare)
  • Adult: $1.25 (one way), $2.50 (day fare) 
  • Senior (60 years old or older): .60 (one way), $1.25 (day fare) 

Map: http://mountainline.az.gov/routes/  

Phone: (928) 779-6624

Can I take a sightseeing tour of Flagstaff?

There are only sightseeing tours from Flagstaff to other destinations. There are, however, guide books at the Visitor’s center for self-guided Flagstaff sightseeing tours.

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