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Rock Climbing

Flagstaff climbing is a popular outdoor sport in this mountain town. So when you visit be sure to give it a try at the local climbing gym or if you’re an experienced climber take the adventure outside. Read More

  • If you love the great outdoors and the feel of rough rock beneath your hands then check out one of the several outdoor climbing areas around Flagstaff like The Pit. 
  • Want a more structured climbing environment? Then visit Vertical Relief climbing gym, open year-round. 
  • Don’t want to go on new climbs on your own? Then contact Flagstaff Climbing Guides for some assistance and tips about the climbs.

Where can I go climbing?

If you’re in Flagstaff, looking for a place to climb that’s sheltered from the elements there are a couple of places to go.

Flagstaff Climbing

  • Type of Climbing: Two locations offer a variety of Bouldering/Lead climbing/Top climbing 
  • Difficulty: These climbing gyms have several different routes for beginners and expert climbers looking for more of challenge. 
  • Location: Downtown Crag is located on the south side of the train tracks in downtown Flagstaff on San Francisco street. Or head to Main Street Boulders at 1519 Main Street, near Walmart.
  • Hours: vary by season 
  • Phone: 928-556-9909 
  • Website: http://flagstaffclimbing.com/

Beta Bouldering Gym

  • Type of Climbing: A 6,000 square foot gym featuring Bouldering/Lead climbing/Top climbing
  • Difficulty: Something for everyone.
  • Location: On the east side of campus, it is located off Butler Street at 495 S. River Run Rd.
  • Hours: Daily 10am to 10pm, except for Sundays (10am to 6pm)
  • Phone: 928-266-0498
  • Website: http://www.betaboulderinggym.com/

Where can I go mountaineering?
There are tons of outdoor locations to climb around Flagstaff.

Paradise Forks
This brown, glacier looking mountain is the perfect place if you’re looking for challenging, crack climbing. 

  • Trailhead: Go west from Flagstaff on the I-40 and take exit 167 for Garland Prairie Road. Go South on this road for 8 miles. Then turn right on Forest Service Road 109. Then take a left (after 3 miles) into the parking lot. It’s about 45 minute drive from Flagstaff 
  • Type: Traditional 
  • Distance: The trail is a five minute hike from the parking lot. 
  • Elevation: 7000 feet 
  • Difficulty: Moderate

The Pit
Looking for a closer spot to climb? The Pit is where it’s at. 

  • Trailhead: Take Lake Mary Road for six miles and the pull into Canyon Vista, this is the trailhead for The Pit. There will be a fork in the trail, go right and you’ll find the climbing areas. 
  • Type: Sport 
  • Distance: 10 minute hike from the parking lot. 
  • Elevation: 6,000 climb 
  • Difficulty: The various routes in this spot offer a range of levels from easy to strenuous.

Jack’s Canyon
Jack’s Canyon is a remote climbing spot where you can enjoy the climb and the views at the top. There aren’t any crowds here. 

  • Trailhead: Getting here from Flagstaff will take some time. To start this hour long drive, take the I-40 East from Flagstaff. From this point you drive until exit 252, Hipkoe Dr, on the highway. Turn right onto Hipkoe Dr. and then take you first left on W. 3rd St. Stay with this until 2nd St., then take a right at AZ-27 S and follow this until you can turn left on AZ 99 E. 
  • Type: Sport 
  • Distance: 15.5 miles round trip (roughly 7.5 hours) 
  • Elevation: 6,200 climb 
  • Difficulty: Strenuous

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