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You don’t have to make history to be an Arizona Rough Rider: you can always hop on a four-wheeler, Flagstaff ATV and other off-roading vehicle and hit the trails for a rough, fun ride. Find a larger variety of ATV Rentals and Tours in nearby Sedona.

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  • Checkered Flag Mobile is a mobile tire service—in case you bust a tire while enjoying the dirt. You can reach Checkered Flag Mobile at (928) 255-5540. 
  • If you have off roading questions contact Coconino National Forest at 928-527-3600.

Where can I go off-roading?

There are several off-roading trails in the Flagstaff area for you to ride.

Flagstaff-Grand Canyon Stage Route
This old Stage Route used to be very popular back in the day—so far back that it’s been a century since this route was used regularly for anything but recreation. This route is next to the Grand Canyon and is ideal for those visitors making their way up to the canyon in a Jeep or other off-roading capable vehicle. 

  • Directions: Take Highway 180 North past the Grand Canyon Airport and turn onto Forest Road 302 and take that to Forest Road 301. 
  • Distance/Time: The Route is 12 miles long from the North Kaibab Visitor Center at the Grand Canyon. 
  • Road Conditions: Unpaved road.
  • *Forest Road 301 outlines the old stage route if you get lost and need a reference point.

Plateau Lakes Drive
This lovely loop drive is perfect for staying close to town. With great views and delightful weather you’re sure to feel relaxed with the wind in your face. 

  • Directions: Drive 30 miles south of Flagstaff on Lake Mary road to Forest Road 213. Then head west for 15 miles until you hit Interstate-17 and head back up to Flagstaff. 
  • Distance/Time: The entire loop is 80 miles 
  • Road Conditions: Part of the loop is paved and part is unpaved.

Cinder Hills
The locals call this spot “the cinders” and it is one of the best places in town to go off-roading without having to drive to far off the beaten path. An astonishing 13,500 acres have been reserved for off-roading at Cinder Hills. 

  • Directions: This spot is by the Flagstaff Mall on Forest 776 
  • Distance/Time: It’s an open area, so drive until your heart is content or until you run out of gas—literally. 
  • Road Conditions: Unpaved road.

Note: Driving off of forest roads is permitted so long as no damage is done to the environment or wildlife.

I am looking for an off-road guide.

There aren’t too many off-roading gear shops in town, however, there are a few repair shops and the Coconino National Forest Service is very knowledgeable about off roading regulations and locations. Find a larger variety of ATV Rentals and Tours in nearby Sedona.

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