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Whitewater Rafting

Feel the rush of the water and the warmth of the sun as you rush over and through some of Arizona’s best white water rapids.

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Where can I go for Flagstaff white water rafting?

There aren’t many rivers in Northern Arizona that can accommodate whitewater rafting but there are a few and here are two of the best and most scenic:

Colorado River
Take a ride through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. It makes for a nice day or an adventurous camping trip. 

  • Location: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. 
  • Season: Year-round. 
  • Rapid levels: Range from class three to class five rapids. 
  • Rapids: Some of the most popular rapids in the Colorado River are the smaller, lower class ones like Horn Creek and Granite. Then there are the large, high class rapids such as Lava Falls, which you will hear before you see. 
  • Length: Anywhere from 1 day to 26 days.

Verde River
Opt for a change of scenery and head down south of Flagstaff (just a little bit). 

  • Location: Verde Valley, Arizona. 
  • Season: January to April, depending on water levels. 
  • Rapid levels: Class two, three and four rapids. 
  • Rapids: One of the rapids on this river has a rock bar and is called Off the Wall Rapid (class two) and a longer rapid that lasts for a quarter of mile is Rock Garden Rapid (class two). 
  • Length: ½ day to 2 day trips available

I am looking for a guide

If you don’t want to tackle the river on your own there are plenty of tour companies and guides listed on this page that will help you navigate the rapids.

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