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Strawberry Crater Wilderness

Strawberry Crater Wilderness is beautiful seven days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year. In the summer it is a forest, desert playground and in the winter the area is blanketed in soft snow. Read More

  • This preserve, set atop remnants of a volcano, offers a nice, quick hiking trail. 
  • Interested in expanding your trip? Take a short drive to one of the two National Monuments in the area. 
  • If you really want to extend your wilderness adventure camp over night at the local Bonito Campground.

What can I see and do at Strawberry Crater Wilderness?

There are numerous outdoor activities to partake in while visiting this volcanic area turned wilderness area. You’ll have plenty to explore and enjoy.

  • Camp: If you want to camp you will have to go to Bonito Campground. This campground is on the East side of the Peaks. It is $18.00 per night and open from May until mid-October. 
  • Strawberry Crater: Situated between two National monuments, Strawberry Crater is the place to go and picnic while visiting both Sunset Crater National Monument and Wupatki National Monument. 
    • Sunset Crater is 6.5 miles southeast of Strawberry Crater, just take Foreset Road 776. 
    • Wukpatki National Monument is 10 miles North along Loop Road.
    • You can also see the Painted Desert Vista from Strawberry Crater Wilderness. 
  • Hiking: The closet hiking trail in the area is Strawberry Crater trail. This is a 1.5 mile loop trail that will take you around parts of the old volcano. This is the only designated trail in the area.

Where is Strawberry Crater Wilderness?

It is located 20 miles outside of Flagstaff. Go East on the I-40 for just a short while until you can follow US 89 North. Then turn right onto Fire Road 545 and follow it until it turns into Loop Road. You will then find yourself in the wilderness.

How much does Strawberry Crater Wilderness cost?

The area is free to enter.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

You can call the Forest Ranger Service at (928) 526-0866.